Thursday, January 18, 2018

Polished For Days 2018 New Years Duo Swatches and Reviews: 2018 and Confetti

Hi guys! Wednesday we got a ton of snow here in NC! I think we ended up with ~1 foot which is unheard of around these parts. I didn't work yesterday or today so tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Tonight I have the duo released a few weeks ago from Polished For Days for New Years. These are still for sale for $12 each or $24 for the duo. It features one insane multichrome and 1 extreme flakie that you need in your life. Shall we get a better look?

 Polished For Days 2018 (2 coats)

I wore this one for 5 days while in Philly and I received more compliments on my nails than I ever have in my life. I had to write down the name of the brand and polish for at least 3 people because they wanted to buy it. I'm not surprised because the multichrome shift in 2018 is intense! I don't know how much pigment Jenna had to use for this polish, but it had to be a lot. It shifts between blue, pink, green, and gold depending on the lighting and angle. I find that it looks best in lower lighting, and the green/gold stands out at the most extreme angles. It was very pigmented and reached full opacity in 2 coats. The formula and application was a breeze like all PFD polishes. 

Polished For Days Confetti (3 coats)

Oh man, which one do I like more?! Do not ask me such difficult questions! You know I'm a flakie fan, so I'm also instantly drawn to Confetti. It has a deep indigo jelly base with large multi-colored iridescent flakes. You could easily get away with 2 coats, but I used a third for added flake dimension. The flakes lay relatively flat after a layer of topcoat, but it's a little harder to remove with all the flakes in there. 

In my opinion, this duo is back-up worthy. I believe last year's duo was just discontinued, so it seems as though you have some time to purchase them if you don't have the funds right now. But you need them. My pictures don't do them justice. Their monthly box (For the Love of Polish) has a new brand taking over for Illyrian Polish. Surprise, it's Shannon from Pahlish! I've been using and loving Pahlish for many years, so this is going to make me go broke! Each polish retails for $12 and they're available now on the PFD website.

Polished For Days

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