Thursday, October 18, 2018

Stella Chroma Polish Pickup (PPU) Aug and Sept Shades: Follow the Teachings and Poppies

Hi guys! Fall finally hit North Carolina! It's supposed to be in the 60s for the next few weeks. My family is visiting next weekend, and we are already planning on sitting by the warm fire in the fire pit out back. Tonight I've got Stella Chroma's Polish Pickup shades from the past 2 months. I was good this month and didn't buy any, but it was really hard to resist the beauties. Unfortunately these were limited edition and are no longer available, but there are plenty of other unique polishes (and scrubs!) in the Stella Chroma store. Shall we get a closer look? 

Stella Chroma Follow the Teachings (2 coats)

Up first we have Follow the Teachings from the Sept. PPU which was inspired by the movie To the Devil the Daughter which I've actually never seen. The polish is a medium purple crelly with red flakes, silver holo flakes, and violet shimmer. It applied like a dream in just 2 coats with no texture after topcoat. 

Stella Chroma Poppies (2 coats)

I've mentioned a few times on the blog how much I love The Wizard of Oz, and this one just so happens to be inspired by that very movie. I probably would have purchased this one even if the color wasn't 100% my favorite. Lucky for me, this one is absolutely beautiful. Poppies is a sky blue crelly base with red/green aurora shimmer and iridescent flakes in the background. I wouldn't change anything about this one. I've never had an issue with the formula on any of my Stella Chroma polishes, and this one is no different. Shown is just 2 thin coats with topcoat. 

I'm sorry you aren't able to purchase these because they are a couple of my favorites. That said, you should definitely check out the variety of colors and finishes in the Stella Chroma store. If you find anything you like, there are some discount codes floating around for 15% off. I believe I used the one from Cosmetic Sanctuary. For more information on Stella Chroma, make sure to check out their websiteFacebook pageFacebook Fan GroupTwitter, and Instagram pages. 

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Lively review, Audrey! Thank you!