Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Starlight Polish August 2019 Polish Pickup At the Carnival: Sun Down, Lights Up

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I told you I was going to be spamming you with lots of posts this week! If you need a little refresher on PPU, make sure to check out my post from earlier this evening. The shop opens this Friday at 11:00 AM EST and closes at 11:59 EST on Monday, August 5th. This month's inspiration was "At the Carnival" and I am very impressed with the creativity the makers showed this month. Several went outside the box, and I'm loving it. Issa from Starlight Polish always sends along a little blurb about the polish in her own words, and I always love that addition. Here is what she has to say about this month's polish:

"Starlight Polish Sun Down, Lights Up is inspired by that magical moment in the evening, during or after sunset, when it’s finally considered dark enough to turn on the nighttime lights for the rides and booths.  When you’re a kid, nighttime makes everything more of an adventure than it is in the daytime.  For a kid who loved night and loved the dark like I did, being at a fair or carnival that late, seeing that moment when the lights all turn on, it’s a little bit of magic all its own.  And at a carnival, daytime is fun and happy, but at night, it feels like anything could happen – like you’re in a world just a little removed from real life.  I loved (and still love) that kind of thing. "

Come on, who can't relate this?! Everything was better at night...somehow the food tasted even better (is that even possible?), the twists and turns seemed faster, and the prizes seemed bigger.

Starlight and Sparkles Sun Down, Lights Up (2 coats)
Price: $11
Cap: US 200 UK 20

Sun Down, Light's Up is a deep blue base with blurple to red shifting shimmer (which mostly appears blue to purple), holo flakes, clear holo glitter, and different shades of UCC flakes. Don't worry, the flakes and glitter don't really add any texture, so a thin glossy topcoat will smooth everything out. Swatches show 2 thicker coats, so you may need a third if you use really thin ones. I love the inspiration, and I love how the base resembles the "nighttime" sky with the holo particles reminiscent of a starry night, and the multi-colored flakes being those bright lights of the ticket booths and rides. This is so well done and a beautiful shade. 

Again, make sure to pick this one up this Friday at 11:00 AM EST for $11. This one is the epitome of a carnival and I think everyone can relate to the inspiration. You can find out more about Starlight Polish on their websiteEtsy pageInstagramFacebook Group, and Facebook page while you can learn more about PPU on their Facebook page and website. Have a great night!

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