Tuesday, October 29, 2019

PI Colors Cotton Candy Collection Swatches and Reviews

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Hi guys! I can't believe how the year has flown by. I swear it was just January a couple months ago. This isn't the last you'll see of me this week as I'll be posting the upcoming Polish Pickup shades. Tonight I have a brand I've never featured on the blog, and it's PI Colors. I've really admired other soft shades Trish has featured before, so I was very excited to try her upcoming Cotton Candy Collection. You may be asking yourself, "Wait, it's fall! Cotton candy?" Right now the NC state fair is going on, so it's still fair time in many parts of the US, especially the south. It's way too warm to have the fair during the end of August like we used to have in Ohio. 

This is a 5-piece set that features pastels with iridescent glitters, chameleon shimmers and some occasional flakies. These will be available tomorrow (October 30th) in the PI Colors website for $10 each, or get the whole set for just $42.

PI Colors Black Cherry Rainbow.200 (3 coats)

Up first is Black Cherry Rainbow which is a soft purple base with iridescent rainbow flakes and red/purple shimmer. I need to mention that the bright lights like those needed for photography tends to show more visible nail line than you actually see in person. While these are on the sheerer side (on purpose), the nail line is a bit more subtle than it appears here. This one applied well in 3 thin coats and dried with no texture.

PI Colors Champagne Marshmallow.202 (3 coats)

Champagne Marshmallow is described as a pale creamy pink, but it appears more of a milky beige on my skintone. The shimmer definitely brings out some more of the pink. It's a milky beige base with hexagonal iridescent glitter and red/violet shimmer. The glitter is a little larger, but I didn't have to fish for them or keep the bottle upside down to get the amount shown here. This is 3 thin coats, and it dries with a little extra texture in the spots with the glitter.

PI Colors Pink Candy.210 (3 coats)

Up next we have Pink Candy which is the most opaque shade from the collection and it's a soft pink jelly base with a hearty sprinkling of green/gold shimmer and those hexagonal rainbow iridescent glitters. The strong shimmer makes it appear a little frosty, but it really isn't...and there's no visible brush strokes or anything. This is 3 thin coats, and even with the bright lights, you can barely see any visible nail line. It dries with a little bit of texture from the glitter, but nothing a coat of topcoat wouldn't smooth over.

PI Colors Teal Berry Fluff.223 (3 coats)

Teal Berry Fluff is a pastel blue base (with green undertones), loaded with blue/violet shifty chameleon shimmer, and that hexagonal rainbow glitter. So much shimmer in this collection and I'm loving it! This is also 3 thin coats and it dried with a tiny bit of texture, yet it was still easy to remove. 

PI Colors Vanilla Grape.205 (4 coats)

Last, but certainly not least is Vanilla Grape which is an off-white jelly base with purple undertones, blue/green chameleon shimmer, and hexagonal rainbow glitter. I ended up using 4 coats instead of 3 because of the light base. If you use thicker coats or have short nails you could likely get away with 2 or 3. 

There you have it, 5 gorgeous shimmer-filled pastel shades. My top recommendations would have to be Black Cherry Rainbow, Teal Berry Fluff, and Vanilla Grape, but they are all so cozy. The fact that buying the whole collection saves you a whopping $8 hopefully will entice you to just get all of them. I think you deserve it. Definitely check these out tomorrow! You can find out more about PI Colors on their website, Instagram, and Facebook Fan Group pages. 

*These polishes were provided by the company or PR representative. All reviews are based solely on my opinion. For more information, please see my full disclosure at the bottom of the site*

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