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Polish Pickup September 2020 All Hallows Even Swatches and Reviews

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Hi folks! I know you're shocked at the amount of posts this week. Tonight I've got 4 of the Polish Pickup items to share with you. New to PPU? If so, here's how it works:

Definitely join the Polish Pickup Facebook Group. You don't necessarily need to actively participate in the group, but it will give you a look at the polishes that will be available in the coming month. PPU themes are chosen by the people, often a few months in advance (brands need time to find their inspiration and test their polish). Any indie brand that has been around for at least a year can participate and each has their own specific inspiration picture and polish for that month. All you need to do is go to the Polish Pickup site during the pre-order window (the first Friday-Monday of the month) to make all of your purchases of these exclusive polishes. There's no need to pay for multiple shipping charges; since this is a pre-order, all polishes get sent to Polish Pickup and they send you the polishes you ordered. Yup, it's that simple. Oh, and shipping is a flat-rate of $3 to the US (more for international and they just had to increase the pricing to Canada). Recently they also opened a UK site which you can find here. Since all orders are pre-orders, shipping will take place about 3 weeks after the end of the pre-order.

PPU starts Friday, Sept. 4th at 11:00 AM ET and ends on Monday, Sept. 7th at 11:59 PM (but if a polish has a cap and sells out before the end of the pre-order, it's gone, unless you get lucky and the cap gets raised...which is rare) on the PPU website. Guess what next month is?? PPU Rewind! Each brand gets to bring back a shade (or product) from a previous month for the PPU website, and a different color they can sell on their website if they're interested. 

The website is currently open for wishlisting, so go check out this month's offerings STAT. Time for swatches!

Noodles Nail Polish Straight Outta Salem (2 coats)
Inspiration: a photo of pumpkins against a blue grey stormy sky
Price: $11.50
Cap: 250/US 20/UK

Up first we have the Noodles Nail Polish shade which is Straight Outta Salem which is a medium dusty teal crelly base with orange, black, gunmetal, and orange/green iridescent glitters, and orange microflakes. I often use 3 coats, but this one was really opaque, so 2 coats was plenty. It does dry with texture, so you may need to double up with topcoat to smooth it all out. Love it!

Starlight and Sparkles Polish I'm a Witch Every Day (2 coats over black)
Inspiration: I dressed up as a witch for Halloween pretty much every year from elementary school into my twenties. People would ask some variant of, “So you’re going to be a witch for Halloween?” and the answer “I’m a witch every day,” was often the first thing to flash through my mind. I wanted to invoke that feeling, and made this polish for everyone who’s felt the same way.
Price: $12
Cap: 200/US 15/UK

As always, Issa from Starlight and Sparkles give us an incredible story for the inspiration. Trust me, that response would have come across my mind, too, Issa. I'm a witch most days. I'm a Witch Every Day iscolor shifting top coat with a witchy shift of green to purple shimmer and aurora pigment, and ghostly blue to purple shifting iridescent glitter. The shift in my swatches may look a little more intense than from other swatchers, but I like to use 2 thin coats of toppers to really bring out the colors. Don't worry about the word "glitter," because this one only needs a regular topcoat to smooth it all out. I really love aurora shimmer, don't you? 

 Starlight and Sparkles Halloween is Magic Charm Set
Inspiration: "A reprise of the Halloween is Magic Page Marker Set from a year ago, because Halloween is still magic!"
Price: $12.50
Cap: 47/US 3/UK

This set is a reprise of my first page marker set, the Halloween is Magic Page Marker set, which was available through PPU during September of last year. At the time, a number of people asked if this set would or could be available as a charm set, and now it is! This set has the same components as the page marker set, but with lobster claw clasps instead of paper clips!

There are six charms in this set: a spiderweb with spider, a jack o’lantern, a witch’s hat, a bat, a ghost, and a cat. Each charm uses black and orange glass beads, and has a large silver-tone lobster claw clasp. These can be used as bracelet charms, zipper charms, stitch markers, and more! I've tried to give you a variety of different ways to use these because, really, the world is your oyster! How would you use them? 

Static Lacquer Early to Bed, Early to Die (3 coats)
Inspiration: the song American Nightmare by the band Ice Nine Kills which happens to be inspired by the movie Nightmare on Elm Street.
Price: $12
Cap: 140/UK 10/UK

I'm so excited to have Static Lacquer's shade this month! Early to Bed, Early to Die is a swampy holographic green base with loads of red shimmer. I really did my best to show the red shimmer because it's very noticeable in real life. I was a bit surprised that the easiest way to see the shimmer was looking at the nail straight on and not at an angle. I love the holo finish on this one; I feel like flakies really had their moment, but holo finishes are really coming back strong lately. I ended up using 3 thin coats for my photos, and it applied flawlessly with no texture. 

There you have it, folks! I've already been making my wishlist on the website, and it is quite long. There is a great deal of variety of this month, and I'm loving it. A few of these items have a cap, so it's best to add your items to your cart the night before the sale goes live. You need to have an account and sign in first before adding your wish listed items to the cart. Easy peasy. What do you think? Which ones are you picking up? 

*These polishes were provided by the company or PR representative. All reviews are based solely on my opinion. For more information, please see my full disclosure at the bottom of the site*

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