Saturday, September 18, 2021

Zoya Cosmic Trio 2021 Limited Edition Swatches and Reviews

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Hello hello! Zoya has their seasonal collections as well as a few others like the Naturel line that usually comes around once a year. They also do some limited edition shades, and the trio I have to share with you tonight just so happens to be limited. I'm not sure how long these will be available, so if you find any that catch your eye, please don't wait too long to pick them up. This Cosmic Trio contains "holographic shades that are inspired by the unique star clusters of outer space. These astral shades are created with a blend of metallic glitter, and holographic particles in 5 different sizes to give a dynamic effect creating a soft textured finish, but can be paired with Ultra Glossy Top Coat to create a smooth and shiny surface." These retail for $12 each, but if you purchase the set for $36, you get all 3 polishes, 3 of their Z-wide brushes, and their glossy topcoat as well. Swatch time! 

Zoya Celestia (3 coats)

Shall we start with my favorite of the 3? Celestia is a silver that leans a bit taupe with blue/purple shifting shimmer and a scattered holographic finish. I just love that pop of shimmer that contrasts from the lighter base. These are a bit sheerer, but they are designed to be that way. I didn't try them as toppers, but a few other bloggers did, and they work great as long as you use really thin coats. They dry with a little texture, but not as much as I expected. I do recommend a thick topcoat to smooth it all out though. 

Zoya Eradani (2 coats)

Eradani is a bit different than the other 2. The finish isn't quite the same (the pure holo finish like the others isn't there), but that doesn't mean it isn't beautiful all the same. Eradani is a magenta microglitter with indigo shimmer and a slight holo finish. This one was more opaque, but I found the formula to be a bit gummy, so work slowly. 

Zoya Polaris (3 coats)

Last, but not least we have Polaris which is a rose gold microglitter with pink/purple shimmer and a scattered holo finish. I really wanted to love this one, but I just don't think it looks great with my skintone. It's not the polish's fault...I really think this will look beautiful on lots of other people. The formula was good in 3 coats. 

There you have it, a short and sweet trio. This is why I love Zoya; most mainstream brands don't do holographic polishes, especially ones with contrasting shimmers. Remember, these can go away at any moment, so pick yours up while you can. 

Zoya polishes retail for $12 and you can find out more about them on their websiteFacebookTwitter, or Instagram pages. Keep an eye out for them in your local Ulta store if you want to see the bottles in person before you buy. They often have sales, so check their social media pages periodically. 

*These polishes were provided by the company or PR representative. All reviews are based solely on my opinion. For more information, please see my full disclosure at the bottom of the site*

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