Sunday, October 4, 2009

Color Club Pink Glitter Japanese Glitter

Warning, my nails are so stained and I am wearing a sheer polish. For the squeamish, please ignore the photos!

You were warned....

Color Club Limited Edition Japanese Polish Pink Glitter from Victoria's Nail Supply (4 coats)

Yes, my nails look gross. I'm sorry, I didn't have a chance to deal with it. This is a special batch made specially for Victoria's Nail Supply. Unfortunately this glitter would be best layered over another polish since it is sheer with a very slight tinge of pink. I do love the sparkle on this, so I'll have to show another picture soon that shows what it looks like layered. Application was great as with most Color Club polishes.

On a different note, I'm thinking about having a contest soon!  I'll give you more details in the near future!


Mary said...

They look fine! I'm always afraid to post sheers too though for the same reason. I totally agree that this polish will make a better layering polish, but I still love it :)

cupper82 said...

Aww, thanks for making me feel better about posting the picture, Mary!

Lucy said...

There not scary to me! My nails are scary also. I ordered all the Japanese glitters also. They are pretty.

cupper82 said...

I only bought one of the Japanese glitters. I definitely regret it now. :(