Sunday, October 18, 2009

We'll Always Have Paris

OPI We'll Always Have Paris Suede (2 Coats)

Today is from the Suede Collection from OPI called We'll Always Have Paris. It is a very nice purple/pink color (it's sort of hard to describe but it is beautiful nonetheless!). These polishes are very pigmented and I probably could have gotten away with one coat but I did two just because. They applied like a dream except you still have to be careful because they dry so quickly.


Julie M said...

Hey ! I should be asleep, but I wanted to ask you, "what is the hotest color for Fall?"

cupper82 said...

Hi Julie!! It really depends on who you talk to. Green really seems to be a popular color right now, as is gray (but that seems to be fading a bit right now). Also, there are some new browns that have come out that are really appropriate for fall and I really want to buy a few (they are from Nubar). Despite being fall, mint green such as Jade from Chanel is really popular (I think Essie is coming out with one, not a dupe, but still mint green sometime soon). Also, mattes are still going strong.

I know that is a lot of kinds, but that's the great thing about nail polish! If you like it, you should wear it no matter the season! I would have called you back yesterday but I was feeling sick :( Sorry