Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hot Lime Green

Nubar Hot Lime Green (2 coats)

Nubar has some wonderful colors and great application. Hot Lime Green is indeed what its name implies. It is such a fun lime green with a hint of wasabi. It's a real eye catcher. Application was fine with only 2 coats needed.


Lucy said...

I was just looking at all of the polishes on Nubar's web site today. I love their polishes. I was looking at all the collections and wishing I could buy them all. I need some serious money to do that. This is gorgeous on you. I am definitely buying their chocolate collection.

april brooks said...

I just found your blog! Great pictures! This has been at the top of my want list since last summer.

cupper82 said...

Hi April and Ashley! I'm so glad you have found my blog and I hope you find some new polishes to add to your collection. I definitely love this color and I really need to make another Nubar order since so many great collections have come out in the past few months.