Friday, January 1, 2010

Art of Seduction

Color Club Art of Seduction (3 coats)

Art of Seduction comes from the Color Club Glitter Vixen Collection. Unlike the others I've shown from this group, Art of Seduction has finer glitter and seems to need more coats because of this. This one was definitely just ok for me, and I'll take a red glitter like China Glaze Ruby Pumps any day. I do think this polish is very holiday appropriate though.

Welcome to 2010! I hope the new decade brings great new things for everyone. I'm not one to get excited about New Year's for some reason. Yup, it's another year. Bah humbug. ;-) I had family in town and ended up watching Julie and Julia and miss the ball dropping. Oops! Anyway, I hope to have bigger and better things for the blog this coming year.

To finish up, the Nubar holographic collection called Prisms is out. Unfortunately the price on these is $9.49 each, or you can get the whole collection for $59.99. I believe this is a little too expensive for me right now (especially right after Christmas).

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