Friday, January 22, 2010

Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud


Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud (3 coats)

Squee!!!! I finally got Opulent Cloud! I was looking for this polish for months. Seriously! I finally found it at Walgreens about 2 weeks ago. This one is a really interesting polish. Straight on it looks grey with hints of blue, but after you tilt it the golden shimmer comes out. I really enjoy this duochrome and I'm happy it looks good on my skintone. I think because I was looking for this one for so long I had unattainable hopes that this would be the best polish of all time. Unfortunately it's not. I do really like this one though. Application and formula was just fine and I really like curve of the cap.


Paige said...

That looks so gorgeous!

tanis said...

oh, I just love this color!