Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Color Club Rebel Debutante and She's So Glam


Color Club Rebel Debutante (2 coats)


Color Club She's So Glam (3 coats)

Wow, isn't Rebel Debutante an beautiful lime green creme?! Color Club is so good at using the best polishes from collections to name them (ex: Wild at Heart...who doesn't love a purple holo?). The second photo looks a little more neon than it does in real life and I think the first picture is overall a better representation. Application was just great and only needed 2 coats. I received several compliments on this one (and with how bright it is, how can you blame them for noticing?) and is really unique for my collection. One thing I must mention now is that if  you buy the set (that usually comes in a plastic container), you do NOT get Rebel Debutante and Gossip Column. I know, I know, you'll just have to buy these two separately but they are totally worth it.

She's So Glam is definitely not the star of the collection. Sure, it's a nice Barbie pink creme, but who doesn't have one of those around? Also, it was really streaky until the third coat and it probably could have used a 4th on me. Overall, it's ok but if you're not going to buy the whole set, I'd settle on several of the other awesome colors from this collection.


Unknown said...

i want this color :)

Paige said...

That green looks awesome!!!

nirfreak03 said...

i so want that green! i don't think i have anything like it

Anonymous said...

i *have* to have that green