Sunday, November 7, 2010

CND Releases 12 New Shellac Colors

November 2010 - CND will unveil 12 new Shellac shades in March 2011, with colors ranging from beige to black.  This exciting addition expands the Shellac line to 24 chic shades plus countless layering options.  Shellac addicts will now have more choices for the convenience of a 14-day manicure.  "This new range features perennial classics and fashionable favorites to give salon-goers a wide variety," says Jan Arnold, CND Co-founder and Style Director.

Shellac's May 2010 launch spurred a major shift in the global nail industry.  Unprecedented waitlists at salons around the world for this innovation have been the beauty equivalent of the much-buzzed-about iPad. If it doesn't say "CND" on the bottle, it's not Shellac.  Shellac is hypo-allergenic and 3-Free (no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP), leaving a brilliantly shiny finish with maintenance-free wear and safely removes in 10-minutes.  Shellac's status has instantly grown from 'cult following' to 'modern must-have.'  Within one month of its introduction, Shellac sold out four times over. 


The Preppy Student said...

ohh these look great! I want to try one!

Sandi said...

Huh. Kind of surprised at Mother of Pearl being in there. It's a slightly milky, basically clear base with multicolored glitter. Unless they've reformulated it. Their color drops are way off. Hollywood is a bright, tomato red with a subtle, gold shimmer and Decadence (one of my faves) is a gorgeous, dark red creme. Can you tell I love the OLD CND polishes? The whole Color and Effects thing leaves me cold.

cupper82 said...

Hi Sandi, I believe that Mother of Pearl will be used mostly for layering the polishes for a different look. I know they were doing that before because there were so few colors out and people wanted something different. I can totally be wrong though. I agree, the color drops are off. Doesn't that always seem the case? *sigh*