Thursday, November 18, 2010

China Glaze Holiday 2010 'Tis the season to be Naughty AND Nice Collection: Mrs. Claus

China Glaze Mrs. Claus (3 coats)

Yup, another red, but this time it is a glitter and what doesn't scream Christmas like glitter? Mrs. Claus has a bit more pink to it than the other reds in the collection which is really nice. The glitter (like Mistletoe Kisses) has a silvery tone to it as well. The base is quite jelly-like and is fairly sheer and needed at least 3 coats for full coverage. While I did like this one, it isn't very unique like some others in the collection. I dunno, I guess I'm just not blown away by it. What do you think?


Penny said...

I'm not really a fan. I have Ruby Pumps and that's enough red glitter for me.

Varnish Vixen said...

I don't really like how pink this "red" is. I think I would like it a lot more as a true red jelly.

WhatGutSay said...

I must be the only one that is in love with it! It looks like a pink version of Ruby Pumps to me.

Janna said...

i feel like in some of the swatches, though not in yours, it looks like there's something missing. maybe others were wearing it too sheer?