Friday, November 5, 2010

Creative Nail Design (CND): Sugar Baby

CND Sugar Baby (2 coats of 3 coats of Blue Nirvana)

Happy Friday! I was so happy that a swapper from Australia gave me this awesome flakie from CND that was released awhile ago (again, see the old bottle). The flecks shine green, orange, pink and gold resuspended in a weird gold jelly polish. The yellow doesn't show up on the polish thank goodness, just the flakies. If you compare this to Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, the flakies in this one are much more sparse and I had to use two coats here and it's still not overwhelming with flakies. I do like this one, but perhaps not quite as much as HT, but unfortunately both are fairly hard to find. If you want a flakie polish that is easy to find, definitely look at Nubar's 2010 or the ones from Nfu Oh.

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