Thursday, December 30, 2010

LA Colors Color Craze Metallic Polish Series: Green

LA Colors Green (2 coats)

Do you have any tv guilty pleasures? Something you don't want people to know you watch, but the entire series is set for your DVR? Well you know what? I watch Maury. Yes, Maury Povich. Now all my readers know *blushes*. I am currently watching it right now as I blog where women accuse their boyfriends/husbands of cheating (and most often they are, indeed, cheating). Don't let me be the only one. Please, comment and let me know what your guilty show is! 

Ok, I am being so creative today with this unnamed polish from LA Colors *note sarcasm*, but isn't it gorgeous! Like, so gorgeous that I would probably spend $4 on this alone even though the 4-pack is only $2.99! It is a metallic green shimmer with a bit of blue added in there as well. Again, I found this pack at my local CVS so check it out. The polish was extremely pigmented and barely needed the 2 coats that I gave it. Well color me impressed!


Inge (PolishSis) said...

Okay, what I'm going to admit right now is just between us and later I will deny ever admitting it...but I like America's Next Topmodel and/or the Dutch version of it. There is just something entertaining about skinny teenagers bitching and whining because modelling is soooo hard.

BudgetBeautyGoddess said...


I just unpacked these last night and I am so annoyed that there are no names on the polish!!!

They are super pretty and after seeing your pics I'm glad I decided to buy them. They are a great deal!

Alexis said...

This is a beautiful color!

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Sylvia said...

This one is pretty! Like the green shade!

Sandi said...

What Not To Wear, especially now that it's on Tuesday instead of Friday. I get such a kick out of how happy some (most) of them are with the changes.