Saturday, January 1, 2011

LA Colors Color Craze Metallic Polish Series: TCU Purple

LA Colors TCU Purple (2 coats)

So this is going to be a quick post today since my parents are driving in from TN for our holiday visit. Since today is New Years Day, I think a lot of us are sitting around being forced to watch college football bowl games. Currently I am watching the Rose Bowl where Wisconsin is playing TCU (go Big 10 and Wisconsin and boo husband went to SMU) so I decided to name this unnamed polish after TCU's colors. It's a lovely purple shimmer that has quite a bit of blue in it as well (the picture is fairly true to life even though it's purple and you know how that can get). Like the rest of the set the application and formula was great as well.


Thifa said...

What a perfect purple! Too bad I can't get those here. It'd probably be among my favorites :)

Zara said...

Ooh, that looks awesome!

Alexis said...

Wow! LOVE this color. I'm always too afraid to put such dark colors on my nails but this looks gorgeous on yours!

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cupper82 said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!