Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish: Cloud

Revlon Cloud (2 coats)

Lots of people (including myself) were excited about these new Revlon Top Speed polishes that popped up in drugstores recently. While searching long and hard for Milani Gems, I finally broke down and bought Revlon Cloud with a coupon I received for $3 off any Revlon purchase at CVS. I was going back and forth trying to decide if I should get Cloud or Stormy, but in the end I chose Cloud (obviously). It is a unique color in that it is a lavender creme with a hint of blue in there. I honestly don't know how the dry time was on this one because I always use quick dry topcoats while the polish is still wet, but I'd assume since they named these polishes "Top Speed," they dry quickly. The formula was pretty thick and if I were to wear it again I would definitely add a couple drops of thinner first. Overall, I think there were some really cool colors in the collection, and since they are found in drugstores, they are perfect for instant gratification. I would definitely recommend picking up 1 or 2 of these if you find them.


Hook Prism Power said...

Loove this! I'm a sucker for soft Greyed out Purples. Can't wait for spring!!

Anonymous said...

I got Stormy and it is my favorite nail color! Cloud looks nice too but I agree that it is very thick, something I hadn't seen in a polish before but I think I actually prefer it to something very thin.