Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sinful Colors Wild About Color: San Francisco

Sinful Colors San Francisco (2 coats)

I think I am going crazy. I was kind enough to get this cute little set from Sinful Colors called Wild About Color that contains 5 different mini polishes from my sister-in-law for Christmas (thanks, Rachel!). When I looked at the name of this one, I thought to myself, "Hmm, San Francisco. I think I have seen this one at Walgreens before." I did a quick google search and found other Sinful Colors San Francisco swatches that look a lot more blue than the one I have. Very strange. Perhaps this is just a different version for this set or something. I just wanted to warn you before you try going out and buying this one in the full size version. 

Anyway, I absolutely adore this polish. Doesn't it just look like Christmas on my fingers?! It is a medium green (again, less blue than the other San Francisco) with a nice shimmer finish. The application was pretty great, too, despite being a mini bottle. The brush is pretty similar to the regular bottle, but it is just shorter. I love it!


Katherine said...

San Francisco actually looks like how I saw it in the stores though. That's funny, maybe there was a mislabeled polish? Anyways, looove it! I considered getting it but I passed since I'm not the hugest fan of normal-dark greens. :P I also gave you the Versatile Blog Award here -

Sandi said...

I've had my San Francisco for several months and it looks exactly like your swatch. I quite like it just as it is.

cupper82 said...

Thanks for letting me know, guys! I guess the other swatches looked a little different, but I'm glad what you can purchase in store is what I posted.