Sunday, February 20, 2011

Zoya Flash Collection Summer 2010: Jancyn

Zoya Jancyn (3 coats)

I'm not kidding, I had no idea Zoya released polishes this past summer. For some reason the Flash Collection never made it on my radar. That being said, I ended up getting 2 of them after seeing them for the first time. Up first is Jancyn. Come on, Zoya. Jancyn? Who actually knows anyone named Jancyn (if that is actually your name, please do not take offense)? Name aside, I absolutely adore this polish. My husband is a huge fan of orange so he was also loving it on me. It is a bright tangerine orange creme. The only problem with it was the application as it was slightly thick and streaky, but as you can see from the picture, it didn't really inhibit the quality of the manicure. I'm so glad I finally found out about the Flash Collection!


oxidantshappen said...

wow....i have to dislike this color due to the association with TN orange....gross. =) Looks good on you though!

Mike Matteson said...

You could think of it as BGSU orange, if you want to. I just like the color itself.