Thursday, February 24, 2011

Zoya Sparkle Collection Summer 2010: Gilda

Zoya Gilda (2 coats)

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great evening (or morning, depending on where you are)! I believe this is the last Zoya polish I have in store for you. Last but definitely not least is Zoya Gilda which comes from the Sparkle collection. It is an awesome bright pink polish with glass-flecked shimmer throughout. It may not be the most unique color, but I still love it! I think Zoya has some of the best glass-flecked polishes in the business. Application was also great and on par with other Zoya polishes. Are you loving it?

1 comment:

The Phalanges Friend said...

I love it!!
I've worn it a few times, and I think it's just perfect for summer.