Saturday, February 26, 2011

Revlon Scents of Summer Nail Polish: Orange Pop

Revlon Orange Pop (3 coats)

Happy Saturday! I have to work in a little bit, but it's only for 3 and a half hours so I can't complain. Tomorrow I get to go to Ikea and Trader Joe's so I am excited. Anyone else have any plans this weekend? 

Today I have a scented nail polish from Revlon to show you. Yes, a scented nail polish. The color is a bright orange shimmer that smells of orange creme (most notably my mom's favorite drink from Sonic, an orange creme slush). While I think it is a really cool concept, I always like to use a fast dry topcoat (or really any topcoat) to increase the longevity of my nail polish, but with the scent, you simply cannot do this. Of course, any polish you add on top of this is going to mask the scent. The other issue I had was that it was slightly runny and sheer and needed 3 full coats for full coverage. Interesting idea, but unfortunately it doesn't really work for me.


DesertNails8 said...

I got this polish, too, but haven't yet tried it on. It seemed somewhat like a coral, so it appealed to me. After reading your description of the scent, I'll have to use it soon!

Supreme Mongoose said...

I just came across your blog, and your swatches are great!

I love the Revlon scented polishes - they are actually formulated to retain their scent under any kind of top coat. I have Gum Drop, Ocean Breeze, Grape Icy, and Not So Blueberry, and they all smell just as good after my top coat dries (I usually use Poshe or Seche Vite), so you can protect them without worrying about the scent lessening. :D