Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Color Club Untamed Luxury Indulgence Collection Fall 2010: Positively Posh

Color Club Positively Posh (2 coats)

This collection came out months ago, but I found the set over at a Ross store for $7 which included 6 polishes. The only downside is that none of them are labeled on the bottom, so you just have to label them by looking at press releases or blogs. I already reviewed two polishes (Pretty in Platinum and Nothing But Truffle) which were both hits. Up today I have Positively Posh which is a chocolate brown taupe creme. I think the weather is messing up my true opinion of the polish because I do like it, but not for this time of year. Right now I really want bright colors and pastels. The application is like all Color Club polishes which is smooth like butter. Love it! I will be picking this one up when I need a break from all the bright colors of the summer.


Unknown said...

JINX!!!! wtf~~~~ i'm wearing this color too, love the neutral- ity of this. Nice post and Happy Birthday(belated).

cupper82 said...

Nail twins! Thanks for the birthday wishes!