Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Review: Cut It Out and New Giveaway!

 Salon Effects Box

 Sally Hansen Cut It Out Day 1

 Sally Hansen Cut It Out Day 1

 Sally Hansen Cut It Out Day 1

 Sally Hansen Cut It Out Day 4

 Sally Hansen Cut It Out Day 4

Included in Box 

I am so happy to be hosting a 6-day giveaway for a box of Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish strips! Believe me, I was quite dubious when I first heard about these strips. How can these stickers really last that long on the nail (they claim up to 10 days of wear)? Well, I was working in a restaurant while reviewing these, so I really put these babies to the test (my hands are constantly in water and I couldn't often put gloves on). Each box contains 16 stickers that should fit all fingers. Also included in the box is a wooden cuticle stick, a 2 ended nail file and directions for application. Each nail sticker contains two differing ends, one that is more rounded for skinnier nail beds and a square side for wider nail beds. I had no issues finding the appropriate strip for my nails. 

The directions are very easy to follow, but the first time applying the stickers will take longer than painting your nails because it's a new process (at least for me it was). Make sure your nails are completely clean and dry before applying the stickers. There are several different protective films that surround the stickers so make sure to remove all of them before applying. Line up the sticker to the nail and press firmly, making sure to smooth the ends of the nails as that's the area that is prone to wrinkling if you're not careful. Next, using the light pink end of the file, file off the excess sticker, and voila, perfect nails! I once tried using the rougher bright pink file end, but it leaves the end too uneven, so I wouldn't risk it. It's at your discretion if you want to use a topcoat on the strips, and in my experience, they lasted longer on with it. I used Essie's Good to Go! topcoat which stopped any chipping. Others have claimed that not wearing a topcoat had longer lasting effects, but since I worked at the cafe while wearing these, perhaps that was why the topcoat was necessary. 

So do they really last? For me, I had them on for 5 days without any sign of chipping at the very end, and even then, it was slight. I've had professional manicures that didn't last this long and cost a lot more money. Overall, do I recommend these? YES!! Cut It Out is an awesome black and white flowered pattern that garnered so many compliments from people. I've never in my life had as many positive comments about my nails as when I'm wearing the Salon Effects.


Now for information on the giveaway: To win your very own box of Salon Effects, leave a comment (with your e-mail address) on this post to be entered into today's giveaway. You will have until 11:59PM EST on April 27th to enter. You can sign up once every day, and must be a follower (Blogger, Twitter, or Facebook). US followers only, please. A winner will be chosen by random and I will contact your for your shipping information. Good luck! Don't forget, I have another giveaway going on to win 2 Color Club polishes. See more information on the sidebar.

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