Sunday, April 17, 2011

Color Club Untamed Luxury Indulgence Collection Fall 2010: Wild Orchid

Color Club Wild Orchid (2 coats)

Hola! Today is the final day of the Luxury Indulgence Collection and tomorrow I will finally post a new giveaway for 2 polishes! You guys have been so patient with me lately and I really appreciate it.

Wild Orchid doesn't really look that wild to me. It is a medium grey polish with lots of (mostly) blue shimmer. While the color itself isn't that unique, the fact that it has shimmer does help it in my opinion (for some reason, most companies leave grey polishes as cremes). Overall, the collection was just ok for me. My favorites were definitely Pretty in Platinum, Nothing But Truffle and Ready to Royal. 

See you tomorrow for the giveaway!

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Jane said...

I'm looking for a grey colour like this! So I was wondering what the formula was like and how many coats you applied. Thank you :)