Thursday, April 14, 2011

Color Club Untamed Luxury Indulgence Collection Fall 2010: Ready to Royal

Color Club Ready to Royal (2 coats)

Ugh, I just got off work and noticed one of my thumb nails split really far down into the nail bed :-( I had high hopes for the Nail Life Nail Revitalizer I got from Sally's, but so far I'm a bit disappointed. I will give it a little more time before I completely give up on it though (especially since I paid $7.99 for it).

Continuing on with Untamed Luxury Indulgence collection is Ready to Royal which is quite the vampy plum creme that looks almost black in most lights. My apologies for the really bright photos, but I wanted to capture the true plum color to the polish. I'm loving this one more than expected and think it would look awesome on some nubbins (short nails). It's been awhile since swatching these and I think it only took 2 coats for full opacity, but please correct me if I'm wrong.


Libby's Pink Vanity said...

Just the type of color I love!

Oh, buggers on the split nail. Ouch! I hope you can save/fix/repair it.

cupper82 said...

Thanks Kimberly! I just put Orly Nail Rescue on it and that should help for awhile.