Saturday, August 6, 2011

Essence: Irreplaceable

Essence Irreplaceable (2 coats)

Hey, how are you? I've been a sleeping and packing machine this weekend. I haven't mentioned it yet, but I will be moving in the next couple weeks (yay for being slightly closer to my job) so if I get a little behind on posting, that's why. I hope you guys can understand! I've moved so my times in the past decade you'd think I be used to packing, but I'm honestly not. I still hate. it. so. much. 

When I get those coupons from Ulta for 20% off everything, I always stock up on all of the Essence polishes I can find. I don't know why I bother waiting for a coupon because they only cost $1 here. Anyway, Irreplaceable is a light beige color with loads of gold shimmer throughout. Without the shimmer I may not have picked this one up, but with it I think it is absolutely stunning. I haven't tried layering it over a darker color, but I think that would look pretty cool as well. If you have the ability to pick up Essence polishes I would definitely recommend them. About 95% of them seem to be 2 coaters and have a wonderful formula. Are you doing anything fun this weekend?


Normal Girl Nails said...

I'm wearing this one today too and I love it! :D I don't have an Ulta here (yet - I've got an empty store with a "Coming Soon" sign in the window), so I've been trying to order this one online forever and it always goes out of stock! :P I finally got 1 on my order last week (it would only let me add 1 to my cart!) and had it on within a couple of minutes. I love how it is a very neutral color, but the shimmer is just like BAM I'M NOT NEUTRAL! ;)

So glad I found your blog! :D

euzefelus_27 said...

thinking of irreplaceable by beyonce,,, haha,, and yes,, the color says its name,,,,

Anonymous said...

Yay! I bought this polish a few days ago online. It should arrive on Tuesday! Can't wait now after seeing it on your nails!

cupper82 said...

Hi Normal, you're going to love Ulta! It has a lot of different things Sephora doesn't have (including drugstore brands). Where are you guys buying these online? I don't think I've ever seen it.

euzefelus, I feel so out of the loop because I had no idea Beyonce has a song called Irreplaceable. Thanks for mentioning it!

As always, thanks for coming by and commenting! :-D