Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sinful Colors Summer 2011 Adventure Island Collection: Easy Going

Sinful Colors Easy Going (2 coats)

Happy Saturday! Man, I take an extra day off this week because my sister-in-law visited from Texas and my parents thought something happened to me. I guess you most of you guys expect at least 5 swatches a week, and I don't blame you. I used to blog every single day, but I started to get overwhelmed. I find that if I take a couple days off, my blogging is better than if I do it every day. I hope you guys can understand. While packing for our big move today I found a hidden gem from Maybelline called Red Comet. I'm going to do a swatch tonight, but it appears to be very similar to China Glaze Ruby Pumps. Have you ever heard of this polish because I can't even remember buying it!

Continuing on with the Adventure Island collection is Easy Going, which I believe is a part of their permanent collection. Since they don't seem to have a polish similar to Steady as She Rose, I think they just tagged this one on here because it has that same pale pastel color. Easy Going is a very pale pink creme that I hoped wouldn't appear white on my nails. I'm happy to report that you can definitely tell it is pink! Out of all the polishes from the collection, I think this one was my favorite. Just look at how awesome it looks! Was it a streaky mess? No! It was slightly thick and very pigmented with no streaking at all. I'm so happy to have found this one (and for only $1.99 from Rite Aid). 


Kalmo said...


New follower! Thanks for your awesome swatches. I don't expect bloggers to blog everyday b/c it's so much work and time. I appreciate any update.

Love this color and the entire collection, can't find them in any drugstores though. :(

Barilla said...

Hey, you gotta live your life! There are (shockingly) more important things in life than nail polish.

Unknown said...

love the new layout!! nice post...i wanted them but they are HTF we don't have Rite-Aid in my town. your nails are really growing beautifully.

Erika said...

Life has to be lived. When you pop up on my blogroll, I read. :D

Sinful's AI collection never did make it to my Walgreen's. *sigh* I am going to check out the PV store, tomorrow. Maybe it is there. We'll see.

I like your new layout. :)

Super Cute Super Easy said...

OMG beautiful pastel shade of pink! I want it! I really like pastel color and pink and together is something amazing! :)

beachgal said...

I have seen and heard about this collection but it never showed up at my Rite Aide either. Not surprising however as we are lucky to have maybe 6 shades of Revlon and they don't even have Wet & Wild anything at the one in my town. I will see a rare display of Sinful but what is there is always picked over. It is pink - and good that it did not end up chalky. Hate that! But at Sinful price ranges chalky, watery, etc can be expected as no collection I seem to find in that price range is consistent on formulation.