Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sinful Colors Summer 2011 Adventure Island Collection: Open Seas

Sinful Colors Open Seas (2 coats)

OPI Mermaid Tears (2 coats)

Did you decide against the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection that came out a few months ago? I purchased most of the collection and I can almost kick myself because Sinful Colors came out with a collection that looks a lot like the OPI polishes. You may remember one of my favorites called Mermaid Tears, and as you can see from the photos, it looks eerily similar to Sinful Colors Open Seas. They are both dusty green polishes with a hint of blue. I don't think I can call them exact dupes though since Open Seas is a bit greener and Mermaid Tears has a bit more blue. I can honestly say that both are quite lovely, but when taking price into consideration, I'd have to go with Open Seas. Despite being a drugstore brand, the application and formula was wonderful. 

I found the collection at my local Rite Aid after looking a few times at Walgreens. They retail for $1.99 and periodically go on sale if you can hold off that long. 


Unknown said...

nice post!!! i have to settle on the OPI since i got it at LA NAIL SUPPLY! for 4.25(steal). i have MT, PAL, SMTD. love sparrow the most. nice mani. BTW school starts for me on 8/25..good luck on your new job also!! :)

Anonymous said...

I bought the OPI collection.. I really like this Sinful Colors polish.... There are many polishes that resemble other polishes. It is insane....Sometimes I see polishes that are the EXACT same and I kick myself for buying the more expensive one.

cupper82 said...

Wow, $4.25 for OPI is a steal! I have several other polishes from this collection that aren't quite as close dupes so maybe something will tickle your fancy. If it wasn't for this blog and being able to compare them, I would totally be kicking myself for getting the OPI polishes.

Aaminah, good luck! What are you going back to school for? My job is going well. I'm learning tons of new techniques which is always important in science.

Kalmo said...


Semi-new follower on your blog but big fan and first time commenting. Thanks for the swatch. I've really been trying to find this Sinful collection but I have no luck in my lame drugstores. Mermaid's Tears looks beautiful and this one is similar, totally want.

beachgal said...

Oh this is the perfect shade for what I am looking for in teal. I am trying to get a range of about 4 different teals to wear all of Sept for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Lost my mom to OC at only age 45. It's so hard for most doctors to catch before it's so far along into stage 5 it's going to take your life soon after the diagnosis is made.