Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pixel Polish: Oh Boy!!

Pixel Oh Boy!! (3 coats)

Has anyone ever had a little area on their finger (mine is on my index finger on the thumb side) that is perpetually dry? I moisturize with nourishing lotion and butters to no avail. One theory is that my hands are just getting sensitive to harsh hand soaps so I ended up buying some SLS free soap. If anyone has had anything like this before, please let me know. The rest of my hands are just fine for the most part. 

I spent most of my time (and money!) at Ikea today. After moving into our new place, we decided that we needed a few new pieces for the apartment. I wish the weekends didn't fly by so fast!

Have you heard of the new brand of polishes at Ulta called Pixel? They are really small bottles (5 mL) that run for $2.49, I think. Oh Boy!! is a frosty pink polish with lots of holographic glitter. So far, I have a few problems with this one. First, the price for the amount of product. Come on, I've never heard of your brand before, why the pricey polishes? The second problem is the extremely short brush it has. I swear, I used just three coats for this one and I feel like I'll have to be tilting the bottle to get polish on the brush next time. A few of the other polishes looked nice, but the downfalls may prohibit me from doing so. 


beachgal said...

I have heard of this one. I agree - pricy for little bottles unless it was a to die for shade. I am lucky in some ways that I don't have an ULTA store for about 500 miles of me! I never have gotten to using their on line site either. Trying to figure out where I have seen this brand before - but did not try it.

Yes, I have had problems like your dry patch on the one side of your index finger. Being a clinical lab scientist myself - tons of hrs spent in gloves is always a hazard - the talc dries them out. Also we wash our hands a zillion times a day. Some is genetic also as I am sure you have thought of. I happen to have a dry (and tough) spot of skin on my index finger same side as yours. Also that nail bed is crooked so that dry part is shorter than the other side and all my other fingernail beds are. What has worked for me - and honestly you have to be really diligent, has been Barielle nail strengthening cream (it works on softening the sides of your nail beds and drives in hydration too) and pair that with their Intensive Renewal Nail Treatment Oil. I have tried 100's of products and that works the very best for me. I always keep a variety of cuticle balm pots and nail oil in pens around so I can hydrate that area or areas I am getting dry, cracked or just have the time to do all my nails. I can on a given day, hydrate my nails and the skin around them 6-10 time a day! Other days it's just at night before I go to bed. I do have over the years a hypertrophication of that area on my index finger referred to above. It makes me want to cut the skin down, file it down, bite it off, whatever because it's so much excessive dead skin build up there. Same process as most folks heals and bottom of their feet go through. Mine is not calloused. It's just extra build up of skin there. So something genetic is always been my guess since it's been there long before I started to take any medications routinely. I do have to say, oil, oil, oil and on occasion some light skin buffing to that area helps. I cannot get behind on working to really drive hydration in there. I keep reading that the molecues are smaller on almond oil than others out there, thus some will 'say' that makes that oil easier to penetrate the skin. You and I with our science backgrounds know it's not just size of the molecule but what it has to get through barrier wise. Least you know you are not alone with this irritating problem. If it gets really bad, you can see a derm about it. Keritosis comes to mind as a diagnosis possibility. But again, gloves for work sure don't help! I also stay away from all those hand sanitizers with alcohol in them. I have found Gold Bond makes one in a pump that is like a lotion/hand sanitizer. I used one before that one came out by a small company called Merlot (as in the wine grapes). They also have a hand sanitizer that is ETOH free and is a moisturizer as well as a sanitizer.

Anonymous said...

I think this is such a pretty color. I ordered some of this brand from Ulta and I was shocked when they arrived and they were so small. I did not notice they were only 5 ml. Way over priced if you ask me! I have several spots on my right hand (lucky me that is not my photographed hand) that is always dry. Very annoying.

cupper82 said...

Beachgal, thank you so much for your comment! I will go ahead and look for the products you recommended. The gloves I use are nitrile and are talc free, but it still happens.