Friday, April 6, 2012

Essie 2011 Fair Game Resort Collection: Da Bush

Essie Da Bush (2 coats)

Happy Good Friday! Easter is my favorite holiday, so this weekend should be pretty good. Do you have any fun plans?

When I made a haul a month ago, I really wanted to buy Navigate Her, but unfortunately it was sold out at the time. Instead of not getting an Essie green, I decided to pick up Da Bush instead. I know it's old news, but I didn't have it, and it looked pretty. It's a really dusty green creme color that apparently really looks similar to OPI Stranger Tides, so if you have that one, you may not necessarily need Da Bush (by the way, I hate the name). The application and formula was flawless as well so color me impressed. 

Oh, and I still need to buy Navigate Her :-( 


Deb said...

Love that color!

beachgal said...

Have it love it - have worn it a lot - but you MUST get this year's Navigate Her from the 2012 Resort Collection - it's really amazing - a fun newer green that leaves the sages behind for a time.

NailsByDiana said...

omg i love this color!