Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jessica Cosmetics Spring 2012 Heavy Petal Collection: Dazed Dahlia

Jessica Cosmetics Dazed Dahlia (2 coats)

It's only Tuesday?! I've been extremely busy at work so I've hardly had the time to blog. Sorry! I'd like to say that things are going to settle down soon, but my trip to Cambodia begins May 15, so I don't see things slowing down. No worries, I'll struggle through it and will keep posting my pretties until I leave. 

I like to think I know a bit about flowers and horticulture, but I had no idea what a Dahlia looked like. Oops! When I Google Imaged it, I found it's a very beautiful flower. The colors seemed to range a bit, but several are this nice berry color you see above. While Dazed Dahlia isn't groundbreaking in the color department, it will still make a nice pedi color for the summer, don't you think? The application was amazing and barely needed the 2 coats I gave it. 

Overall, the collection was pretty nice, ignoring those extremely frosty ones. :-D

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beachgal said...

Really pretty - but then these are my kind of colors. Have to say it's not unique however. I think OPI Dim Sum Plum is really close to this. But it's pretty hard to be original these days.