Monday, April 9, 2012

Essie Summer 2011 Brazilliant Collection: Brazilliant

Essie Brazilliant (2 coats)

If you celebrate Easter, happy belated Easter! I had a really fun and somewhat relaxing day with a long bike ride. Now it's time for 50% off candy! Easter wins at special candy for sure. Halloween only has the usual candy you can get any time (well, except for candy corn) whereas Easter has Cadbury Eggs of various types, jelly beans, Peeps (which should only be around for Easter), Robin's Eggs, etc. Mmm, can you tell I'm hungry?

I meant to purchase Brazilliant last year, but never got the chance. I think the pink shimmer in the polish is what sets it apart from other bright orange polishes. It does, however, look suspiciously similar to the Spring 2012 color Orange, It's Obvious! without the shimmer. I haven't done a comparison yet, but the bottles look really close. The first coat was a bit streaky which went away after the addition of a second. I like it a lot. Definitely a color that will be popular this summer like last. Who doesn't like a good orange? 


Unknown said...

Girl~ whats really real!!! finished my mani after a full day to market,laundry ETC spring break...then I paint my nails with Essie Brazillant and ..well great minds truly think alike, b alike,c alike :)

beachgal said...

I love my Brazilliant!

Meg S said...

I wish I had the skin tone to pull this off - love it!