Saturday, April 7, 2012

Essie Spring 2012 Navigate Her Collection: Tour de Finance

Essie Tour de Finance (2 coats)

Happy Saturday! I spent a little time at Ulta today and found the flaky polishes from Zoya. My Ulta is pretty spotty with Zoya collections, so I was surprised they had it. Of course I just had to pick up Chloe! They also didn't have the Layla holo polishes which I was really looking for. 

Anyway, I have a couple of polishes from the Essie Navigate Her collection that I'm loving. Up first is Tour de Finance (love the name) and it is a gorgeous bright blue-based pink with a purple shimmer flash. Despite being from a spring collection, I can see this one on toes and fingers through the summer.I have nothing bad to say about this one because it is just lovely. 


beachgal said...

Hi there kiddo! Hope things have calmed down for you. Love, love this shade. But then I am a fuchsia/magenta hound. Merged into those shades from being a total red head for eons with other shades tossed in for good measure. But when I would purge the stash I had to hold on to all the good reds. Now it's hold the reds, fuchsias and any major collector items which I did not know about until I started to see eBay prices and then found nail blogging. Now I am in deep 'cause I really cannot toss too many things. I just don't buy $1 polishes - they just make my nails peel anyway. This one is pretty - not quite enough iridescent blue to rival some of my favs in this hue (Pompeii Purple and Flashbulb Fuchsia). Thanks for posting this beauty. I have it up on my Pinterest so I won't need to nab your great photo! Maybe someday and tons of time, I can find shots of all my shades I own - take photos of the ones I cannot find and put all 1200+ up on Pinterest. Be a blast to have a photo catalog of all my polishes vs just a database. Have a great week!

beachgal said...

Just that you HAVE an Ulta to go to is fab...I have never been in one yet. Last time I was in a big city for medical, I looked up and there was not an Ulta for a good 2 hrs of fwy driving from where I was. Plus I was post op and not feeling like going to more than Walgreens. Someday I will get to one. That's what I said about BE stores when I was all goofy over BE - still never have been in a BE store.

Oh FYI - I am that gal who follows your blog who is also a microbio - I went the clinical lab scientist route however.