Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure: Arm Candy

Sally Hansen Arm Candy (4 coats)

My Julep package finally arrived! It only took 2 weeks from Seattle, but it finally came. Holo goodness is upon me. There were a few snafus when getting my mail forwarded, but it's finally cleared up.

Do you remember the Golden Globes a few weeks ago? Well, Naomi Watts wore Arm Candy from Sally Hansen on that special night. The problem I have with my nails is that they are stained. I mean, it's no surprise they got this way with how many polishes I put on, but they just don't look good naturally anymore. This means sheer polishes like Arm Candy are almost out of the question for me. I used 4 coats to try and cover my nails up, but this one is just sheer and cannot be opaque. If you are into polishes like these, I would recommend Arm Candy to you. If you are into color, don't bother with it because you'll just be disappointed.

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beachgal said...

I finally got my nails so they don't stain after years of yellowed nails from polish. I use Orly Nail Armor as my base. I put on about 2-3 coats and no matter what shade of polish I use, never any staining now. I do let them breath for a day now and then with no polish on them as well.