Monday, February 18, 2013

Julep Neons & Nudes Resort Collection: Amelia

Julep Amelia (2 coats)

Wow, my nails look so ugly here. I swear it didn't look this sheer in real life, but boy, does it look terrible in these pictures. Amelia is a champagne frost that is really frosty. I would have redone the manicure with another coat of polish, but I just hated it and didn't want to put it back on. Sorry! Overall, we have:

1. Frosty color-check
2. Bubbling-check
3. Sheer-check

On the bright side, it did remind me of a seashell. 


Bubblewrapper said...

I really like that you post the bad as well as the polishes you recommend. Makes for more interesting reading. Your applications skills are great, but good lord that is an ugly polish.

Crystal said...

I think it will be a fabulous pedi colour, as you said it looks like seashells, imagine this shade on your toenails when walking along the shore....oh yes!

ps try rolling the bottle in the palms of your hands before applying, that should get it even and smooth

xo crystaliciousss