Friday, February 22, 2013

Julep February 2013 Bombshell Maven Box: Laura, Freedom Polymer Topcoat and Oxygen

Julep Laura (2 coats)

I just finished Downton Abbey-HOLY CRAP! No spoilers here, but HOLY CRAP! 

The last Julep polish I have to show is Laura which is an olive khaki creme. I just love dusty green colors like these. I found the formula and application to be great, but the dry time was a bit long. 

I mention drying time (I usually don't because I don't have time to let my polishes dry and always use quick dry topcoats) because the new topcoat that came with the box, called Freedom Polymer, needs to have the polish dry before application. It's supposed to be like a gel topcoat for longer wear, but I found that my nails still had some chipping after 2 days. With the fact that it's not quick dry, this is not a topcoat for me. Also included is a treatment called the Oxygen Nail Treatment which is supposed to make your nails stronger, thicker and smoother. I've been using this since I got the box and I have seen no changes in my nails. Overall, I really like the colors in the box, but the other nail products seem to be a big pass for me. Have you tried these? What were your thoughts?

On another note, have you seen the new Hard Candy polishes that will be released at Walmart? If not, head over to their Facebook page for some pictures of their new awesome colors...even though the bottles look a bit small.

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