Friday, November 28, 2014

November Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag Swatch & Review: Grayscale

Rainbow Honey Grayscale (2 coats)

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I took a few days off and even left my nails alone. Before I chopped my nails, I got the polishes from the November Rainbow Honey mini Mystery Bag. I was immediately drawn to Grayscale which is a charcoal grey with flakes they claim to be white and silver. For some reason I think it looks like it has gold flakes. Is it just me? Rainbow Honey polishes are interesting to apply. The first coat is fine, but the formula quickly gets thick. Anyone else? If I have to do 3 coats, I always want to add thinner, but to really assess the formula, I don't.

I hope you have the day off and a fun weekend!

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