Thursday, August 27, 2015

Why I Got Rid of Ads

I hate ads. I especially hate ads on my phone or iPad. I bet that you hate ads, too! No, I don't want to have to click a tiny X in the corner of my screen. And don't get me started on when I accidentally click on the ad. I do understand that people want to make money for the hard work they do on their blog. I mean, I'm a blogger, of course I would like to at least come out even (ad revenue vs polish/supplies spent), but I have never done so. Ever. This is fine because I choose to have this blog, and I'm not crying about not making money off of it. That being said, as a blog viewer, I hate ads.

I have now decided to use a service called Patreon that will allow you to directly support my blog through pledging monthly donations to my site. Here is a link to my Patreon page (which will also be posted on the top right hand corner of the blog). This means I can have better content, more giveaways, etc. This is not a new idea, and maybe a blog you already read has Patreon. You can pledge as little as $1 month and you can stop at any time. I don't expect anything from any of you, but I just don't want to have ads anymore. You guys have been great through the many years I have been blogging, and I appreciate all of your kind words and support. 

Oh yeah, and I also hope to have a more streamlined layout on my blog soon, so stay tuned.

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