Sunday, August 23, 2015

Right on the Nail ~ Scofflaw Nail Varnish Swatches and Review: David Bowie's Bulge

Scofflawn Nail Varnish David Bowie's Bulge (2 coats)

Let's go ahead and continue to look at a wonderful indie brand that I 100% support. We can continue to discuss Mentality Nail Polish (and how they decided to put their neon collections on sale for 50% off..despite not continuing to offer refunds or replacements on polishes that may be affected by the bad base...don't get me started) but none of this drama comes with Scofflaw Nail Varnish.

Tonight I have a polish that is an unusual love for me. Great Odin's raven, David Bowie's Bulge is beautiful (I never thought I'd say that sentence)! It's a bright coral color with multiple sizes of teal glitter and a sprinkling of subtle gold shimmer. You guys know that red colors are not a favorite, but the mix of the 2 colors just called to me. I was also impressed with the application and formula because it required no dabbing and you could just use normal strokes with it.

Scofflaw Nail Varnish colors retail for $9 on their website. Sign up for the newsletter to find out about restocks and new collections. You can also find out more about them on Instagram and Facebook. If you have any questions or comments, I'm sure they'd be happy if you stopped by.

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