Saturday, August 8, 2015

Right on the Nail ~ Julep Nail Polishes Swatches and Reviews: Lillian and Hartleigh

Julep Jillian (2 coats)

1 coat Julep Hartleigh over 2 coats Julep Lillian

This just shows how far behind I am on the Julep polishes I know. The colors I'm showing are from the February It Girl Maven Box (!!!). I used the polished called Lillian for both swatches because Hartleigh is a seasonal glitter topcoat which came as a free gift for Valentine's Day. Lillian is an alabaster pink creme that unfortunately comes with the usual Julep formula. Since it is so white, I should have expected this (white colors are notoriously are yellows). You must use thin coats, if it is possible (you may need to add some thinner) and allow an extra couple minutes between coats. I do love seasonal polishes, so I'm a fan of Hartleigh. It's a glitter topcoat with large red hearts, medium matte white hexagonal glitter, and small holographic glitter. You do have to fish for the hearts and then dab then on, but I was expecting that.

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