Monday, April 11, 2016

Right on the Nail ~ Frenzy Polish Swatches and Reviews: Dauntless and The Elusive Fox

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of a post on Friday but I had family in town. In other polish news, I am super psyched about getting a brand new peel off basecoat from the Taiwanese brand UNT. The only stockist who carries any UNT nail products in the USA is Live Love Polish which is where I purchased my bottles. I just looked at the site and it looks as though they just sold out of these which makes me so happy I purchased them when I did. I'll keep you posted how it works out for me. Tonight I have the final 2 polishes I bought while on my Frenzy Polish buying spree. They are currently closed to prepare for their release of the new Enigma Collection which comes out April 15th, so make sure to prepare yourself for that excitement! Shall we start looking at swatches?

Frenzy Polish Dauntless (3 coats)

Confession: I read the Divergent series and the first movie and I was not impressed by either of them. I wanted to like them, but I just didn't care about the characters much and the third book was ridiculously random. Now Dauntless the polish I can really get behind because it's a beautiful grey crelly with multi-colored flakes and iridescent glitter. I found the color to be a little bit sheer with a slightly thick formula. 

Frenzy Polish The Elusive Fox (3 coats)

The Elusive Fox is a definitely elusive because this polish is randomly restocked, and you need to be on the lookout to pick it up. It's a silver linear holographic polish that can be mostly built up to full coverage in 3 heavy coats or layered over another color. If you aren't out in the sunlight very often then this will look like a plain silver color, FYI. Wouldn't it be awesome if the polish looked like this in every light?

Most polishes retail for $9.50 and members of the Frenzy Foxes Facebook Fan Group do get access to special custom polishes if you are interested. As I said above, they are currently closed, but they'll be back before you know it.

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