Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Right on the Nail ~ Vapid Lacquer Limited Edition Polish Swatches and Review: Birthday Bitch

Vapid Lacquer Birthday Bitch (3 coats)

Hi guys! Good news and bad news. Good news, I have a couple polishes from the popular indie brand Vapid Lacquer. Bad news, the polish I'm showing tonight is limited edition and is currently out of stock. Do you mind if I show it to you anyway? Every year Krys, the owner of Vapid Lacquer, releases the polish called Birthday Bitch on her birthday (I think she restocked it once as well). What makes this polish so special you may ask? The beautiful multichrome flakes! I'm going to say something controversial, but I just have to get it out: I like flakie polishes more than holographic polishes. Yes, I said it! The only criticism I have for Birthday Bitch is I wish it only needed 2 coats instead of 3.

Vapid Lacquer polishes range in price from $8-$11 depending on the finish (holos and thermals tend to cost the most, whereas cremes are the cheapest). There is a restock this weekend (April 30th) , so make sure to check out the website!


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