Thursday, May 5, 2016

Right on the Nail ~ March 2016 Target Subscription Box: SinfulColors in Lie-Lac

SinfulColors Lie-Lac (2 coats)

Hi guys! Back in March I bought my first ever Target Subscription Box. I loved the box, but they've been raising their prices for the past few months (the one I got was $5, I believe....April was $7, and May was $10). I know the price point depends on what's in the box unlike other subscription boxes, but I still felt like they should all be $5. It also differs from other boxes in that when you sign up, it's only for one box and you must order again every month. It seems like the boxes usually go on sale around the 1st of the month during the very early morning hours on EST. Anyway, my March box contained one full-sized SinfulColors polish in Lie-Lac which is a blue-toned lilac creme. I often find the formula on SinfulColors polishes to be quite hit-or-miss, and this one just so happens to be a hit! It was smooth sailing with this one in just 2 coats.

As I mentioned yesterday, the Kylie Jenner polishes and other SinfulShine polishes run $2.98, whereas the original formula (like this one) are only $1.98. Also check out SinfulColors on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

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