Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Polished for Days Positive Vibes Collection Swatches and Review: Elysian, Kalon, and Meraki

Hi guys! I'm finally getting back to normal after the holidays. I hope those of you with an extended weekend had a great one and bought all of the polishes on sale! I bought a lot, but with no regrets. I will probably add some pictures on Instagram as soon as they start piling in. Now I guess it's finally time to start Christmas shopping for real. Oh, and today's my dad's birthday, and I know he reads my blog so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD! Tonight I'm going to continue the Polished for Days Full Positive Vibes Collection with 3 more polishes. Follow me after the break for swatches and my thoughts.

Polished for Days 1 coat Elysian over 2 coats of Polished For Days Arcadian (indirect diffused LED daylight)

Polished for Days 1 coat Elysian over 2 coats of Polished For Days Arcadian (direct LED daylight to show holo effect)

Elysian is a sparkly silver holo flake topper. Elysian also happens to means beautiful or creative (and no, I didn't really know that until I looked it up). You've probably noticed that I'm much better at science than I am at word definitions. The flakes aren't extremely dense so I technically could have done another coat for more impact. I found the formula to be thinner than most of my other Polished for Days colors, but it wasn't runny by any means. I plan on putting this on most of my manicures :)

Polished for Days Kalon (3 coats)

Kalon is a taupe brown crelly with lots of navy flakes, purple shimmer, and a subtle scattered holo finish . This is one of those work-appropriate polishes that is super interesting up-close. I really love the blue flakes with the nude base. The formula was slightly thick (in a good way), and I used 3 coats for the photos above. Depending on how you apply this and the length of your nails, you may be able to get away with just 2 coats. 

Oh, and kalon is the physical and moral beauty as conceived by the Greek philosophers. The more you know...

Polished for Days Meraki (3 coats) (indirect diffused LED daylight)

Polished for Days Meraki (2 coats) (direct LED daylight to show holo effect)

And lastly we have Meraki which is an unusual linear holographic brown with ultrachrome flakes. I say unusual because for some reason I thought this was a deep blue color for the longest time. Maybe the holo finish was throwing me off? Anyway, this is a great fall color, and the flakes really add to the depth of the polish. Another beautiful polish from Polished for Days! Meraki was a little more opaque than some of the other colors from the brand, and I needed just 2 coats for full coverage. 

Meraki is the essence or love that you put into your work. Apparently this can be for the simplest or most difficult of tasks. I think most of us need to actually sit back and think of all of the great work we do with meraki. 

Polished For Days

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