Thursday, November 17, 2016

Fair Maiden Polish 2016 Feline Catty Collection Swatches and Review: Rajah

Fair Maiden Polish Rajah (2 coats)

I'm back! I know it was an extended hiatus with no warning, but the real world caught up with me again. I was in Phoenix most of last week and then I got sick as soon as I got home (figures, right?). As much as I needed a break from the blog, I still had that gut feeling telling me that I really needed to post something. The weather in Phoenix right now is amazing! Can you image 4 days straight with not a single cloud in the sky and a temperature of 88 (which felt more like 80)? There's a big difference between 88 in NC and 88 in Phoenix! Anyway, I still have a ton of things in the mix, but I guess I should just go ahead and finish what I started from Fair Maiden Polish.

To refresh your memory, I bought the mini set of the Feline Catty Collection which is inspired by Disney cats. I'm happy to report that I do in fact remember Rajah from Aladdin. In case you're not familiar, here is a picture:

Cutie, right? Anyway, the Fair Maiden polish is a neon melon orange with blue and violet shimmer and gold microglitter. The glitter isn't too chunky, so just 1 coat of topcoat will do the trick. My photos really just don't do this polish justice because it basically glows with the amount of shimmer in here. The formula was slightly thick, but not enough to be a bother (or make me get the thinner out). If you are an orange polish lover like I am, you need to join the Facebook group Orange You Glad to Be Here which is strictly for orange polishes.

I bought the whole collection in mini bottles which retails for $36.90 and is still available now. If you want to stay up-to-date on all things Fair Maiden Polish, you can follow them on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter

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