Monday, March 13, 2017

My Indie Shop: Atlanta Recap Part I

I had a great time at the Indie Shop Atlanta! It was great to finally meet some of the faces behind the brands, and everyone was so friendly. This is going to be a picture-heavy post, and I'm going to need to break this up into multiple parts because my husband took so many pictures. We left our house on Friday night after work and got to our hotel at ~1:00 AM. We stayed at the Hyatt Place down the street and it had a great breakfast buffet. Oh, you're going to see a lot of pictures of me, and I know that's weird. Most people are used to my hands, but not my face. You've been warned. 

Breakfast at the Hyatt Place. Potatoes, eggs, and french toast, oh my! 

My husband decided to try steel-cut oats, but it's still not his favorite. 

Despite only being in the hotel overnight, I'm always good at making a mess.

I needed to get some money at the ATM before the show, and I just-so-happened to see some Wet N Wild in the gift shop. 

I did not get enough money at the ATM. What budget? My husband was quite the enabler as well. 

The show was held at the DoubleTree Hotel behind Lenox Square Mall. The room was a nice size and had better lighting than most hotel reception rooms I've been in. This is the view as you first walk in.

This is the second half of the room with several tables to take a load off for a few minutes (which we did). 

KBShimmer was probably the biggest brand at the show. They had the most tables, and the biggest variety of items for sale. And I'm loving the banner I'm standing next to! 

Blue-Eyed Lacquer was the first table I went to. This was my first introduction to the brand, and Julie and Mike were just lovely people. I really regret not buying more from the table. The picture shows the new Color Box that is on Pre-order right now. They had 3 show LEs and I bought one of them.

This is Green's Alexandrite With Me from the Green Color Box. Another polish I should have bought.

There were 2 racks of polishes like the one above with the LEs in the middle. Their table was well-organized, and everything was easy to find. 

It's Julie and Michael! They were so friendly, and I'm still loving her glasses. 

My second table was Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish. I probably spent the most time talking to Kristen and her husband (I can't remember his name, sorry!). I've been wanting to try her polishes, so I ended up getting 3 of them (the 2 LEs and Pumpkin Everything). She was also debuting her Spring Collection which were pastels with a holo finish. The lighting wasn't the best for holo polishes, unfortunately. Some brands brought their own lighting which helped a little bit. 

Another great table presentation! 

The first limited edition is in the middle rack on the right-hand side (Faerie Wishes She Could Be Here) and the second is in the right-hand rack on the left side (Faery Whispers). The table also had some jewelry, cuticle oils, and a tray of "randoms."

I didn't mention it before, but all tables had swatch sticks or rings to show what the polishes look like. 

The next place to shop was with Yvette from Bliss Polish. She was lucky enough to have a couple sweet helpers so everything was going smoothly at the table. 

You can see that the word for the day was COLOR for Bliss Polish. 

Fairy Castles from the Enchanted Trio for the show. Unfortunately the third polish from the set was already sold out before I got there. 

Secret Groves from the Enchanted Trio

The Spring Break Collection was released at the show and is now on pre-order. If you are looking for some bright cremes, here you go! 

April from Pipe Dreams Polish and Yvette released a holographic duo for the show called Entranced Woodlands. 

Whew, this is going to take longer than I expected! I will be working hard this week to finish up my recap. Stay tuned for more pics from the show. 


Blue Eyed Girl said...

It was so great to meet you!! ☺☺ Thank you for the great photos! I didn't really get many, so I'm glad to see what others have taken. ­čśü I think the polish you're holding is called Green's Alexandrite with Me, which was from the Green Color Box! Anyway, it was a pleasure meeting you guys! I hope you can make it out to the Shop again next year! I think she's doing it in Atlanta again!

Jen from xoxoJen said...

Before I saw Julie's post I was going to guess the green polish as the same one that Julie mentioned. :D You are also the only person to get a partial shot of me in photos so far! Great review and photos, I'm glad you had a good time.