Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My Indie Shop: Atlanta Recap Part V

Hi guys! Tonight is my last post on the Indie Shop Atlanta (finally). I wasn't able to make it to every table, so you won't be seeing everything from the show, but I did my best in the time allotted. I purchased the Early Admission tickets and was able to get in around 10:00 AM, which gave me ~5 hours for shopping and schmoozing. While that sounds like a lot, it really wasn't. There were lines at most of the tables, and time just flew by. I'm not going to Polish Con in April because I'll be working at a pen show in Atlanta for my job. I really wish I could make it to that one!

Turtle Tootsie Polish

Turtle Tootsie Polishes had a wide variety of products on their table from polishes, bath and body, and treatments. Their was a LE trio for sale and you can see it in the very middle rack above. It's still for sale on their site if you are interested in getting it! They also debuted their Spring Collection called Ice Cream Makes Everything Better which is on the far left rack above. I bought Chocolate Chip Mint because it reminded me of kelp (I promise, it's a compliment).

Ribbits Stickits had a cute frog on their banner, and Turtle Tootsie had a turtle. Cuteness overload! 

These are called Adult Files. Look closely, you'll see why. Haha!

This is the Bracelets Collection which feature holographic microglitters. 

Nail wheel swatches of the Bracelets Collection. So much bling! 

 I am a bath and body product junkie. I've tried lots of sugar scrubs from brands like Moonalisa, Cocoa Pink, and Mad City Sue. I'm always on the lookout for a new scrub so I bought one of these in the scent cherry blossom. This one has a foaming base (which I prefer) with kaolin clay and 2 types of sugar. I can't wait to use it! 

Pens! I love when brands give away pens. 

Chrissy and Kim were so friendly! They are definitely a brand I will be purchasing more from. 

I thought I had pictures of the table from Dainty Digits Polish, but my husband and I were having too much fun talking with Anetress. I had no idea she is a nail tech! I think it's great that she works with both clients and DIYers. They have some stock left from the show and the overstock is on sale on their website so check it out. I bought a ton of polishes before going to their table so I was most interested in their quick-dry topcoat and Glitter Be Gone. I'm always looking for new ways to swatch quickly and I think this will be just the ticket. I'm currently using UNT peel off basecoat and it just take a little too long to dry. Anetress really seemed to listen to her swatchers when formulating this product to dry quickly and not pull any layers away from the nail bed (which leads to nails peeling later on). 

Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to stop by the Chaotic Glitz Polish table (they shared with Dainty Digits Polish). They have a new collection releasing this Saturday, so stop by the site then. 

This was as close as I got to the Pampered Polishes table. I believe I was talking with Miranda from Ever After when my husband took this picture. Timberlin had several show exclusives, but they must have sold out of them because I don't see them on their Etsy site. Has anyone tried them? Any polish recommendations? 

My husband must have been a creeper again taking a picture of the Jior Couture table. This is another brand I've been meaning to try and I hear they do great custom polishes. I should have her do a Nibs & Nails polish! Oh, I can't wait! I'm also taking polish recommendations for Jior Couture. They have their Whimsically Indie Set for sale right now, and if you join their Facebook Fan Group, they have a discount code available. 

And there you have it. I had a great time at the show, and I hope they bring the show back to Atlanta next year. How about I leave you with a picture of my haul?

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