Monday, March 6, 2017

Heather's Hues Swatches and Reviews: Creativity and Santa Sparkle

Heather's Hues Creativity (2 coats)

Up first is Creativity which comes from the End of the Rainbow Collection. It's a royal blue color with a fine peppering of holographic shimmer. It dried really quickly and applied easily in just 2 coats. What a vibrant blue hue! 

Heather's Hues Santa Sparkle (2 coats)

If you are interested any of Heather's Hues Holiday 2016 colors, make sure you check out the website because they are retiring and on sale now. Santa Sparkle is a shimmery red color with red and iridescent flakes. What a Christmasy red color, right? I got this after Christmas, but it was still perfect for my Valentine's Day manicure.

Heather is now celebrating her 3-year brandiversary and has a new multichrome collection called You've Got to Be Shifting Me for sale now. I am definitely buying some of them (as well as the Hues In-die Box) soon. You can find out more about Heather's Hues on their Etsy siteInstagram, and Facebook pages. Also, don't forget to sign up to be a part of Heather's Hue-t-pies Facebook group!

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