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My Indie Shop: Atlanta Recap Part IV

Hi guys! I hope you've having a fun weekend, and also had a great St. Patrick's Day. I didn't do anything special (for nails or in life), but I hope you were able to enjoy your day. Tonight I have the fourth installment of my recap. and it will feature Ever After Polish, Envy Lacquer, and Joy Lacquer.

Ever After Polish

I had to do a little waiting before getting to the Ever After table, but I was able to meet this super sweet woman in front of me. I didn't get her name, but if you're reading this, we should chat some more! 

I didn't catch the names of the 2 helpers at the table, but I easily recognized Miranda (on the right) from her posts on the Ever After Facebook Group

There were several special polishes for the event. At the top in the basket we have Dark Forest, Peach Fuzz (the one I bought), and Woodland Nymph (from left to right in the basket). There was also a polish named Rolling with my Gnomies which was named by Miranda (love it) and the dark blue is Enchanted Brook. 

Miranda mostly makes the bath and body products for Ever After, and one of the most popular products would definitely be their cuticle crellies. I've used them off and on for a few years, and knew I had to get at least one of them at the show. The spring scents debuted at the show, and you can get them on their website right now. The scents include Blackberry Magnolia (the one I purchased), Georgia Peach, Twisted Ice Tea, Raspberry Vanilla, and Southern Breezes. I can tell you that Blackberry Magnolia is a really nice mix of fruity and floral. One side never overwhelms the other. In  other words, I love it! 

Tonic Nail Polish and Ever After had a quartet which released several weeks ago and they had them for sale at the show. I should have bought it, but it's just another thing I regret not getting. 

Another closeup of Rolling with my Gnomies.

They had plenty of Magically Delicious for sale at the show. Look at all those flakies! 

Ever After also sells their own topcoat and basecoat which they had for sale. I didn't know they ventured into wax melts, but I can't wait to try them. There aren't a ton of indie nail polish brands making melts besides Heather's Hues, Vapid Lacquer, and Lou It Yourself (that I know of). 

The pink polishes are Popular, and the blue is Unicorn Approved 2. I love the Easter theme here. 

After taking to Miranda for awhile, I found out that she is mixing a few of the polishes now. For example, this beauty came from her and is a Mardi Gras themed color named Leissez Les Bon Temps Rouler (Cajun French for "Let the good times roll" ...Google is my friend). 

Here I am with the beautiful Miranda. I was loving the leggings she was sporting that day. Lularoe was representing that day. 

Mike sneaked in a picture while there was nobody at the Joy Lacquer table. I have no idea how that happened.

Joy Lacquer released the Enchanted Forest Trio shown above for the show. They were about sold out by the time I made it to the table. It seems as though there are still a few available on the Joy Lacquer website, if you are interested. 

Her table had tons of polishes as well as some other nail-related products and treatments. There were glass nail files, balms, whips, and oils. 

The bottom containers had thermal polishes with photos showing the transition which I thought was a great idea. 

She let you thumb through all of her swatcher photos so you could see them in the warm and cold state.

One lonely, random polish. 

My husband and I were enjoying the beach theme. Crabs and starfish oh my! 

The Sugar High Spring Collection debuted at the show and contained 5 polishes and a topper. 

Joy was indeed a joy to talk to! Her daughter, Josie, was there to lend a helping hand as well. I got to the table later in the day, and she was completely over being there. I was a kid once, so I get it. She was super cute though. 

If you look in front of Joy you can see a few large dice. If you spent over a certain amount you could roll  a die to win an item. I ended up winning a glass nail file which I plan on gifting to a friend (she just learned how great glass files are). 

In case you didn't know, Melody is the woman behind Envy Lacquer and was in charge of the show itself. I can imagine it was a lot of work, so congrats to her for making a successful show for all. 

The Envy table was enchanting, indeed. I didn't get the name of the guy behind the table, but he was really nice and enthusiastic.

There was 1 special edition polish which  I didn't get the name of. I'll update this when I get it. It was a nice white color with a scattered holo finish, if my memory is correct. 

The Enchanted Forest Fairies Collection debuted at the show and is available on their site. That pink is really calling my name right now.

They also had the Galaxy Collection for sale. 

This one was really calling my name.

Their handmade soap was so pretty. It looks to be glycerin-based, but I could be wrong. They smelled divine, and had various scents available. I wasn't able to get a picture with Melody, but it's safe to bet that she was insanely busy. 

I believe I'm getting towards the end of my pictures. I still have Dainty Digits and Turtle Tootsie Polishes to show you so please stay tuned for that. There were a few tables I didn't have time to get to, so if I don't show every vendor there, that's why. As always, thanks for reading! 

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Fantastic recap of this event, Audrey! Love all of the pics. Sounds like you had a blast!